EPFD honors lifesaving efforts at 8th annual Medal Day

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For outstanding service, a distinct group of firefighters and two civilians (including one given posthumously) were honored in the annual Medal Day Ceremony on Aug. 24 at the El Paso Community College Auditorium, located at 9050 Viscount Blvd. Additionally, the Firefighter of the Year was named. The recognition also included four Firefighter of the Quarter Awards, two Civilian Citations, and over 60 Lifesaving Awards.

“Medal Day is about the employees and what they do to make this department great,” – Battalion Chief Dennis Redd

“Medal Day is about the employees and what they do to make this department great,” Battalion Chief Dennis Redd said. “It is about the sacrifices they make to take care of their fellow firefighters, families and the community that they serve. It is about the challenges, struggles, and accomplishments of the men and women who proudly serve the El Paso Fire Department. It is also about the employees’ families and allowing them to share in our recognition of their accomplishments.”

The Keynote Speaker for the ceremony was Del Sol Medical Center Trauma Surgeon Dr. Stephen Flaherty. Several elected officials will also be in attendance.

Additionally, for the first time, patients who wanted to meet the crew who saved their lives were invited to attend.

“It’s fulfilling to talk with a survivor,” Capt. Reaves said. “To know that one of our numerous runs really did save a life, not just solve a minor problem, is fulfilling.”

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