Hands-Only CPR

For the past 2 years, Texas Tech, along with the City of El Paso and the EPFD, has been participating in the Texas Two-Step Hands-only CPR event. This will be the third year PLFSOM students have participated in the Texas Two-Step: Save a Life Campaign, said Kelcy Steffen, a PLFSOM student. The campaign began in Texas in 2016 and expanded nationwide to seven states this year.

The El Paso Fire Department and Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center El Paso medical students will also offer classes in hands-only CPR. During five-minute training sessions, El Pasoans will learn how to react quickly to cardiac emergencies in two steps:

1. Call 911.

2. Initiate hands-only CPR

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“The emphasis is to teach people to get involved when they see an emergency by first calling 9-1-1 and then doing hands-only CPR until help arrives,” said Fire Paramedic Martin Dominguez. “It just takes 5 minutes to learn Citizen CPR, but hopefully those who take this class will want to take a full CPR class in the future.”

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