Fire Drills for Businesses?

Did you ever wonder why did you do fire drills in school while growing up? An alarm rang you ran out the building, right? Wrong! You did what you were trained to do in school, walk in an orderly fashion to the nearest exit and wait until you were cleared to come back.

Businesses are no exception to these rules either.  Companies still have to participate in an annual fire drill to make sure that they meet their own and city and state safety requirements. However, not all businesses are required to do so in the City of El Paso.

We follow the 2015 International Fire Code section 405 Emergency Evacuation Drills.  According to section 405 of the 2015 IFC, not all business occupant measurements are created equal so not all businesses are required to do the same number of fire drills annually.

But, the fascinating part is that a majority of the business owners that approach our Fire Prevention Division are not required to have an annual fire drill. These companies do it because they understand the importance of safety in a workplace.

Here is a short clip from a drill FDP made a couple of weeks ago,



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