Close the Door


The Fire Prevention Division, or FPD, would like to remind you that something as simple as closing your door could help save your life in a fire.  FPD met with KVIA to show the public some of the benefits of having your door closed in case of a fire.

    • By having your door shut you are:

    • Preventing smoke from entering the room
    • Avoiding smoke inhalation and damage
    • Giving yourself time to escape from the hazard
    • Protecting yourself from heat

Most of our furniture inside the house is made up of synthetic material that produces poisonous gases when on fire.  These toxic gases can be averted for a few minutes with a closed door, which could give us the minutes we need to escape a deadly fire situation.

3/23/2018 Close the Door – Smoke alarm Demonstration by LT. Schaerfl, James M. See the full video at:

Keep your Door Shut


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