Don’t delay on your Fit Test – N95

Do not delay your Fit Test for your N95 face mask.  The season will bring back old airborne diseases to the El Paso Area.

BREAKING: Possible whooping cough exposure at Austin High School

This story came out 04/10/2018, and El Paso just started there Spring season.  Remember that outbreaks will continue to happen so be prepared to handle them accordingly.

  • Wear your N95 face mask if you suspect a patient of an upper respiratory infection.
  • Wash your hands even if you have worn gloves to the handle the patient.
  • Clean the inside of your rig with the proper disinfectant.

In December 2017, El Paso had a possible Tuberculosis outbreak. The El Paso Health Department had put out a NEWS RELEASE – Health Department Investigates Possible TB Exposure warning the city to be cautious.


Do not delay your N95 Fit Test Protect yourself so you can help your patients

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