To Chock or Not To Chock

To Chock or Not To Chock

Please refer to Volume 2 Equipment & Facilities Manual; Section 2; Vehicles; Driving Practices; Wheel Chocks which states:

“Wheel chocks will be utilized when the pump is engaged, while performing aerial operations, and when parking on inclines.”

So how do we know whether we are on an incline or not?  Steep inclines are obvious to spot purely by sight alone.  However, moderate to small inclines may be more difficult to judge.  A simple rule of thumb here is, “ When In Doubt, Chock It Out!”  We here at Safety want you to be safe behind the wheel and avoid ALL preventable accidents.  We urge the entire crew to be watchful before, during, and after the rigs are in motion.  Please do your part to make this a safer department and bring all senseless accidents to a halt.  Thank you!

Chief Christopher Escandon

Health and Safety

(915) 212-5308

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