Electric Powered Vehicles, they are out there!

As you all know alternative fuel vehicles are out there. In fact the NFPA has pulled together a list of more than 30 guides to help us with a majority of them.

NFPA alternative fuel manufacture guides

Stranded Energy Danger

Monsoon Season is coming you may or may not need to know what to do

A message from Safety Chief C. Escandon

For all firefighters out there, every Tesla in the front trunk has a red cable tagged with a firefighter helmet, cutting this cable disconnects all the high voltage lines in the vehicle, and renders it motionless. I asked about the solar roof too, and it’s expected a similar disconnect will be implemented that in some way reduced risk of electrocution, a rep is getting back to me. Always good to see companies backing first responder, every electrical vehicle should have this!

Video on Disarming electric power

Be aggressive, but always recognize the hazards involved in any given situation.  Be safe out there!

Chief C. Escandon Health & Safety 212-5308

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