Rescue 21 Receives ‘Call of the Quarter’ Recognition from Hospitals of Providence

On Feb. 27, Rescue 21 was recognized by The Hospitals of Providence Sierra Campus.

The recognition comes after the unit responded to a medical situation that occurred on November 1, 2022.

An 86-year-old male walked into the THOP Northeast Campus C/O chest pain X1 hour.  Rescue 21 was dispatched to THOP NE.

Patient had a history of Hypertension, smoking and BPH. Patient was placed on EKG monitor and found to have elevations in the anterior leads.  Cardiologist was contacted and acute cardiac event activated. Patient was transported by EMS directly to the Cath lab where stenting was done to the LAD artery.

>Symptom onset 1600

>Unit dispatched 1722

>Acute cardiac event called 1723

>EMS Arrival at THOP NE 1727

>EMS departure 1741 (14 minutes)

>Cathlab arrival 1805

>Cathlab to device = 27 minutes

>First medical contact to Device 87 minutes and under the goal of <120 minutes.

This call exemplifies the great team work of initial medical contact at a free-standing ED, coordination for transfer with cath lab activation and pre-hospital provider rapid transport. Overall great patient care meeting chest pain metrics with many providers doing their part to provide good patient outcomes.

Chris Celaya, EMS Business Development Manager for The Hospitals of Providence

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