Pour with Me Sunday — Healing Through Art

A Message from Firefighter Joanna Overton:

Last year I began a monthly art session entitled ‘Pour With Me Sunday.’  During these sessions, that are livestreamed every third Sunday of the month on Instagram and Facebook, I invite the public to paint their stress away. The stress release, calming, and soothing this art form has given me is something I want to share with ALL my fellow first responders. Sometimes we don’t know how to talk about how a call has made us feel, or we just don’t want to talk about it period.  As it’s been said, it’s not good to hold that stuff in.

It is with honor and humility I would like to announce I was given the green light to move forward with the program, Pour With Me Sunday – Healing Through Art.

My goal in this is not only to bring attention to the expressive art form not commonly known, but also give an alternate healthy outlet to our local first responders.  I will show you another way to express your mood, even changing your mood by your color choices and technique used.

The first month’s invite to current first responders is to none other than our first-first responders!

It will be held Sunday March 19, 2023 at 7pm in the Margie Room.  This is a voluntary event and attendance must be off duty.  I am asking for three off-duty employees to volunteer to paint along with me live.  Even if you do not want to go live, you and your family are welcome to paint your stress away. Fill out the attached form to reserve your spot, ensuring there will be enough supplies for all.


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