Maintain Healthy Lungs to Fight COVID-19

You are at higher risk of a deadly outcome from COVID-19 if you smoke. Smoking increases your risk for acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) and adversely affects your immune system. Now is the time to stop using tobacco, and to give up vaping and marijuana—whatever can deplete lung functioning. Many changes in society are likely…

Improve Depression Treatment with Talk Therapy

Talk to your doctor about adding talk therapy (counseling) to help treat depression more efficiently in addition to any pharmaceutical intervention you have been given. Talk therapy may 1) help you prevent negative self-talk scripts that are naturally associated with depression, but can make the condition feel worse; 2) assist you in feeling better faster…

COVID-19: Reducing Fear and Anxiety

Uncertainty about what’s going to happen with COVID-19 and its impact on everyone can have you feeling anxious and fearful. Whether you are concerned about your job or an elderly family member, getting food and supplies, or even getting sick yourself—you have an important goal: combat this stress and stay calm. Here’s how: 1) Practice…

ComSAR Mtn. Laurel and Zircon

This week, the COMSAR team went out to Mtn Laurel and Zircon in search of a 22 year old male who reported multiple wounds and being out there for several days. Crews quickly found him and transported him to medical care. Do to the nice weather and the quarantine, we expect more people to be…

Interim Guidance for EMS from CDC on COVID-19

By FF Scruggs You probably have already read this but just incase you did you should check it out This guidance applies to all first responders, including law enforcement, fire services, emergency medical services, and emergency management officials, who anticipate close contact with persons with confirmed or possible COVID-19 in the course of their work….

Condition 2 Fire at Pershing

This Thursday, 15 units 37 personnel responded to the Condition 2 working fire. No injuries were reported, 3 residents and 2 pets were safely evacuated. The cause of the fire is under investigation.

Instruction for COVID-19 Leave

by FF Scruggs If you do stay home the city got you covered COVID-19 Leave and Pay Code Guidelines: • These guidelines go into effect on March 17, 2020, and will continue during the pendency of the present COVID-19 health emergency, as determined by the City Manager, in accordance with the state and federal guidelines….

COVID- 19 City Employee Resources

If you have not already tried this outlet you should. The City IT Dept has prepared a usefyul COVID-19 guide for employees at:COVID-19 | City Employee Resources Microsoft Teams –  provides teleconferencing, team collaboration and messaging capabilities. OneDrive – edit and share employee work files from home easily and securely. How to use Webmail Information…

Dynamic Stretching

Firefighters are the only professionals Athletes have to perform at full speed without a warm up.