Condition 3 Fire at Vanderbilt Dr

Earlier this morning, EPFD crews responded to a fire in a commercial building at the 1400 block of Vanderbilt Dr. Crews worked to knock down the fire and prevent it to extend to additional structures. A total of 13 units and 34 firefighters responded to the incident. An investigation is underway to determine the cause…

National IT Day – Sept 27

Everyone knows that 9-1-1 can never go down. That is the mindset of the IT professionals who work for the El Paso County 911 District that keep El Paso’s public safety systems going 24/7. Agencies like the El Paso Fire Department rely on these systems to stay connected to the community when they call for…

Class 98 – Week 5

5th Week of Class 98 – The group is now learning and polishing lifesaving patient ventilation techniques. Follow Class 98 on their way to become El Paso Firefighters every Friday on the EPFD’s Firewire, Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram accounts.

Condition 4 at Emory Rd

A few days ago, EPFD crews contained a Condition 4 brush fire at Emory Rd. Crews were able to knock down the massive fire before it caused major damage to the residences or injuries do the residents.

Condition 2 Fire at Skyview Apts

A couple of hours ago, EPFD crews responded to a Condition 2 fire at the Skyview Apts on Alameda Ave. Firefighters quickly put a stop to the fire and kept the fire within the apartment of origin. No injuries reported at this time.

Pictures from the Line: Rope Rescue Training

Training is key to maintain our permanent readiness state. This week, special rescue crews from P11 and Station 28 performed rope rescue training. This ensures that our firefighters are always prepared for whatever emergency might come their way. Photos by FST Ames P11-C

PAC Gifts Available at L51

2019 PAC Members limited edition blankets are still available for pick up at your L51 store. blankets are also available for purchase but the numbers are limited. Call the Erika if you have any questions @ 915-598-8117

Well Connected Responders

New to Customer Service by Phone? If over-the-phone customer service is new to you, you’ll discover new challenges. Veteran telephone customer service employees have some advice. One piece is to avoid reacting emotionally—it may be easier to react to antagonism when you are aided by the anonymity and distance that embolden an irate customer. Try…