Rescue 6 Receives ‘Call of the Quarter’ Recognition

On March 14, Rescue 6 (staffed with Miguel Camacho and Christopher Estrada) received the ‘Call of the Quarter’ recognition from The Hospitals of Providence East Campus.

The recognition comes after the unit responded to a stroke call at a single family residence that occurred on December 22, 2022.

Patient was a 73 year old female with HX Diabetes.  Patient was found at home with an altered mental status (GCS 9). Patient last seen normal x2 hours prior.  Patient found with Right sided facial droop and weakness.  LAMS 5.  Patient transported to THOP East. Patient arrived at 12:37 pm and went to CT and CTA in 4 minutes.  Patient was in the cathlab at 13:33 (54 minutes) and had a door to puncture of 78 minutes.  Well under the goal of 90 minutes. 

This call highlights the great stroke care that starts with recognition of the patients abnormal status, notification of EMS and proceeds with the paramedic team providing initial care and notification of the incoming patient. Hospital teams were able to continue care meeting all metrics of established stroke care. 

Chris Celaya, EMS Business Development Manager for The Hospitals of Providence

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